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Custom skirt, cinch, bolero and vest. Priced according to fabric used. Women's cape, shown in satin tapestry with hood $120. Women's cape, shown in satin tapestry with sleeves and hood. $120. Victorian Opera cape. Short in front, long in back, with point and tassel on drape. Hood with point. Silk outside, satin lined. $150.
Bodice and Blouse with model's own pant/boot. Bodice, lace up, double panel. Peasant blouse, long sleeves. Every colour except stark white. Stock: black, off white, purple. $25. Rob Roy shirt with half collar. No yoke. Tie front cuffs. $45. Could have half collar/ruffles. $45.
Bodice and skirt with overskirt. Bodice. Shown in faux suede. $60. Also available in satin tapestry, tapestry etc. Medieval bodice, plastic boning, peplum. Lace-up front. Shown in satin tapestry. $65.

Ladies cape. Narrow at bottom. Satin tapestry, lined with brocade. $120.


Bodice with attached skirt which is open at the front, and worn over a chemise.


Peasant shirt, leather lace-up front.

Leather vest w/leather lace-up at front, sides and shoulders.

 Drawstring pants lacing up the sides to the knee.

Primrose skirt with pleat at back and button fly. $50. Peasant blouse, long sleeves. Every colour except stark white. Stock: black, off white, purple. $25. Chemise. 100% cotton or gauze. Tied at wrist or open to shoulders. $75.-$100. depending on fabric.
Ladies cape. Hood and sleeves lined with brocade. $120. Simple black skirt with drawstring. $50. Bodice with attached skirt $100., shown over peasant blouse. $25. Cape with hood (can be worn as capelet) can be medieval or Victorian. Collar and clasp. $120.
Bodice, blouse, and skirt with overskirt. Corset shown in red tapestry satin. Gauze blouse with ribbon. Every colour except stark white. Stock: black, off white, purple. $25. Skirt with overskirt, elastic waist. Shown in Indian breathable satin. $50.
Blouse, bodice, panel skirt.

Bustier/Corset. Plastic boning. Hook and eye front. Laces at the back. Shown in faux suede. $85.

Panel skirt.

Bodice with plastic boning. Long at the front, short at the back. Laces up front and back. Shown in satin and satin tapestry. $55.


Men's waistcoat circa 1890's. "Prescott" style with buttons and partial collar. Front Chinese silk lined with cotton. Back is black satin. $55.

Unisex peasant shirt with front tie and band of color (you specify.) 100% cotton or muslin. $40.

Medieval bodice lace-up front. Can be reversible. Plastic boning. $55.

Medieval bodice lace-up front with plastic boning. Double panel lace-up.  Can be reversible. Tapestry on one side, satin on the other. $55.

Men's Magda Kilt and Plaid. $100. Men's peasant shirt with leather lace up front. Men's leather jerkin. Grey-red doublet jacket. Sleeves are laced in and can be removed. Available with laces (as shown) or with clasps. $150. depending on fabric used and clasps.
Men's cape with capelet and hood. $150. Men's wool cape and scarf. $100. Wizard's cape, long sleeves. Shown in 2-tone. $150. Men's tunic with lace-up front. Shown in heavy tapestry material. $60.

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