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Sample Web Sites... 
do you have any ideas about your site? 

We can help you to determine the size and features best suited to your business and budget. The features on the sites below were chosen for that specific site. Your business may choose these or other features to meet the needs of your business.

Costs will vary depending on number of images (graphics and photos), resizing, re-touching of photos, text, number of pages, linking, addition of audio and video etc. Click on headline to view sample site.

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small starter-sized web site:

(newsletter only)

  • One long page done 4x annually. This type of online newsletter costs approximately $100-150.

For a consultant

  • 4 pages - Approximately $400.-$550. for this level of site
  • Company profile
  • Answers basic questions to potential customers 
  • Coming events information
  • Response form- to gather information from potential customers

* Note: This site started as a small site and has grown with the needs of the business.

For an Equine breeder

  • 6 pages - Approximately $600.+ extra per hour for maintenance of product changes.
  • Company profile
  • Details of current products and services
  • Custom masthead
  • Regular updates

medium-sized sites:

Equestrian salesWindows Dll Download

  • 8-10 pages - Approximate cost $1000-$2500 for basic site, depending on customization of text and images. (This specific site has a high number of images and links).
  • Linked and clickable images (click to make the photo full-screen or to move to another page)
  • "Lit" buttons or custom buttons
  • Detailed response form
  • Full list of products
  • Higher level of customization - High level of video content in order to showcase new product.
  • Extras include: quarterly e-newsletter and bi-weekly updating.

For an equestrian retailer

  • 16 pages - Approximately $2000. depending on customization of text and images
  • .
  • Three customer response forms to gather data, interact with customers, provide greater 24/7 service.
  • Frames set-up
  • Approximately 400 clickable links. Video Slideshow of products.
  • Generated dozens of customer responses per day from the first week, 19,441 hits in the first month!


A Government Services Site

  • 16 pages
  • Frames format (heading and links remain from page to page, which makes updating more cost efficient and keeps important information in front of your customers)
  • clickable links to services.
  • pdf files
  • custom colour scheme to match logo


large site:

For a children's camp and equestrian centre

  • 600 pages - Cost Approximately $10,000., depending on customization of text, forms and images.
  • Frames format.
  • About 1000 custom images
  • Approximately 40 links per page.
  • 700 clickable links for fast surfing and easy access to more information
  • Moving pictures and titles (animated gifs and headlines).
  • Order forms and information which can be printed off by customers for great service to clients 24/7!
  • Site is fully coordinated with other advertising media and generates about 1.5 million visits per year.


Contact us for help with your business:
raspberry ridge design
545 Hunt Road,
Newburgh, Ontario.
K0K 2S0
(613) 378-0321